Team Aik Qatrah aimed to raise awareness regarding water scarcity specifically in children ranging from 5-15 years. For that, we made videos to help better understand the do’s and dont’s of using water in daily life.

We reached almost 200+ people via social media. Due to Covid, we just did the campaign online for three weeks.

We conducted an online survey to know what steps to be followed. After a successful online campaign, we started our first drive, in which a team with volunteers visited 4 schools to interact with students. We almost engaged 250+ students. We organized sessions in classes from grades 1-5.

Due to the current situation of pandemic and online system, we faced a commutation gap. Also, the people didn’t agree to attend online awareness sessions, as they didn’t consider the issue that much important. We weren’t able to run a physical drive for the awareness campaign as the gathering isn’t allowed. But somehow we managed to visit the schools by making the authorities understand the importance of this issue and making sure we wouldn’t conduct any activity and would deliver the session following the SOPs.

Firstly, we were trying to raise awareness online but that wasn’t that effective.

Then we tried to visit schools and organize few activities to help children understand the importance of water and to show them ways how they can save water. But that wasn’t allowed by the school’s authorities. So we decided to deliver the session in classes maintaining social distancing. We managed to raise awareness by showing them videos, talking about different scenarios, and quoting some Quranic verses and stories from Islamic history.
Along with that, we’re also in the phase of finalizing our e-book for school children raising awareness regarding water scarcity by telling them short stories.

Talking about the successful campaign we have had so far, so it’s all about teamwork. We all used social media to market and publicize our organization and its motto. Izzah managed all social media handles, Tashifa conducted the initial online survey, Fatima wrote stories for the e-book, Umar, Irfan and Talha provided content needed for posts, Izzah created YouTube videos, Ameer made graphics used for marketing, Tashifa visited schools and conducted the 1st drive of our awareness campaign, Ameer worked on finalizing e-book.

Allhamdulillah, that approach worked and now we’re planning to organize the 2nd and 3rd drive-in the coming week. In our 2nd drive, we’ll visit an orphanage home and will raise awareness there among children. And in 3rd drive, we’ll target car service stations to make them aware of water scarcity.
Up till now, we have engaged almost 250+ children in our 1st drive. We visited 4 schools and conducted around 8-10 sessions.
We’re planning to induct some volunteers to help us run a physical awareness campaign. We want to expand our organization in different cities where freshwater is easily accessible and want to make them aware of its proper use. Afterward, we’ll try to collaborate with any organization or Team Aik Qatrah will start working individually to run drive to provide water in areas where it’s not.